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milpa is a command-line tool to care for one's own garden of scripts. Its name comes from an agricultural method that combines multiple crops in close proximity.

For a brief introductory tutorial, check out milpa help docs milpa quick-guide.

# install on mac and linux with:
curl -L | bash -
# or with homebrew
brew install unRob/formulas/milpa

You and your team write scripts and a little spec for each of them—use bash, or any other language—, and milpa provides:

There's a few reasons why you and your team might wanna use milpa, but in summary, its goal is to provide all those nice features above while making it easier to follow the Command Line Interface Guidelines.

milpa is licensed under the Apache License 2.0, and its code is available at


milpa runs commands found in one or more repos:

Enough words, show me some code

# milpa is a program you run
# Add a command at .milpa/commands/hello.{sh,yaml} and milpa will gladly run it
milpa hello
# How do you create a milpa command? Check out:
milpa itself create --help
# Speaking of, milpa comes with fancy documentation
milpa help docs milpa
# You can also browse through an HTML version of it
milpa help docs --server
# Trouble with milpa? see what's making milpa sad
milpa itself doctor

# Install whole groups of commands written by strangers on the internet!
milpa itself repo install
# and use them like so:
# milpa nidito dc list

# When typing gets annoying, install autocomplete scripts for your $SHELL
milpa itself install-autocomplete