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milpa scripts that are written with bash may use any of the built-in utilities, or any utilities defined in the same repo, under the .milpa/utils folder.

These are also bash scripts, with an .sh extension that provide functions that may be used by more than one command.


@milpa.load_util UTIL_NAME...

In your scripts, you may load utilities like so:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

# loads the built-in util named `repo`
@milpa.load_util repo

@milpa.log info "Current repo path is: $(@milpa.repo.current_path)"

# load multiple utils at a time
@milpa.load_util repo shell

Built-in utilities

There's a few utilities that come built-in to milpa and may be used by any bash scripts:

Add your own

To add your own utilities to your repo, create a util folder in it (that is.milpa/util) and add under it (.milpa/util/ You may put in there whatever you want available for your shell scripts.


Let's create a util at .milpa/utils/

# .milpa/utils/
function yell() {
  echo "$@" | awk '{print toupper($0)}'

function yell-audibly() {
  osascript -e "say $(yell "$@")"

Then, on any of your repo's scripts, you can:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
@milpa.load_util voice

# and use whatever functions you put in there
yell "i <3 $SHELL"